Welcome to Stapari


Stapari is a village in the municipality of Uzice in Zlatibor district
They are located on the slopes of the mountain Tara and through the
karst surface down to the outskirts of the town of Uzice.
According to the 2011 census are has 319 households with 877 residents.
Bukovik (978 m) is the highest peak on Stapari, while the lowest point is on the river Djetinja (484 m).Because of this height difference Stapari features two climate zones. Moderate-continental in the canyon Djetinja and mountain on the north side of the villages. This topographic and climatic diversity makes it extremely picturesque of the village.This certainly leads Stapari gorge, which with beautiful rocky landscapes, thermal springs, karst caves and important historical sites, a true jewel on the Djetinja river. Its beauty does not lag behind on the upper region with an average altitude of 800 m, which is dominated by mild elevations intersected by many streams and springs.The specificity of these waters is that one part of the flow and sink again peaking in the piedmont villages, thus creating whirlpools and waterfalls.A colorful mosaic of this area completes the rich flora and fauna, as well as beautiful specimens of freshwater trouts in the Djetinja river.